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Interview with Nokia E6 Product Manager

In this video, Nokia E6 Product Manager Chris Probert discusses the device in more detail. Nokia E6 is a compact QWERTY and touch device aimed at business and general users who need to get things done while they’re on the move. Busy emailers rejoice — you can operate the phone single-handed.

What can you tell us about the design?

You can see just by looking at it that the Nokia E6 follows in the footsteps of the hugely popular Nokia E71 and E72. It comes from the same family and has the same philosophy, now with touch, larger memory and new software features. I’m very proud that we managed to keep this device only 10.5mm thin, yet pack in a touch screen and more memory. The sharp VGA glass display is another improvement; it has four times the pixels of the Nokia E72 (326pix/inch). You can use the Nokia E6 with one hand, which is something I find really useful. We took a long time deciding on the finish of the device, because tastes are different around the world. We ended up using glass and stainless steel with a satin finish on the camera surround and battery cover – two great materials to produce a slim yet robust device.

What was it like to contribute to this product?

I began working with the Nokia E6 immediately after the concepting phase, and many features have changed during the journey. I used to work with the Nokia Nseries devices before, so the first thing I needed to do was to familiarise myself with the needs of an Eseries customer. People like IT managers who want to do encryption or device management have specific demands, and you need to know what makes a proper business device. A lot of devices can do email, but doing it in a secure and controlled fashion is something that I think Nokia has done really well in recent years. It’s been good fun to work with this product and I’m excited that I can finally start telling people about it!


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